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Too Busy? Let Tapway Do The Delivery For You

by Javier Nieto León
Too busy? Let Tapway do the delivery for you

We were having a seat with Gabriel Bambo and  Sanni Hakeem Ayomi, Co-Founders at Tapway Logistics, an American Tech Startup disrupting the Supply Chain.

Too busy? Let Tapway do the delivery for you

Brief introduction about Tapway.

Tapway was created out of the need to solve last mile delivery. Our goal is to connect pre-vetted riders to small business owners or individuals. Helping them focus on their downlines. While we help them fulfill their delivery needs. Our services are reliable, affordable and convenient.

What are the main problems solved?

Tapway solves series of problems:

  • Access to reliable logistics partner
  • Affordability of services
  • Alternative and flexible work opportunities for riders
  • Last mile deliveries for small businesses

How does Tapway solve these problems?

Tapway solves this problem by providing an AI powered mobile application for last mile deliveries. We built a system that allows riders and business owners to interact. All of our independent logistics partners go through a vetting process before on boarding. We have exercised a series of security checks on them. Our strategy is crowdsourcing and leveling the playing grounds thereby affording opportunities for riders to maximize their productive time. Because of our level of disruption, we offer flexible rates per ride.

Who is your main target customer?

Small medium enterprises (SME) business owners, they are the backbone of any economy. Our goal is to reduce their operating cost and ensure they can meet their daily sales fulfillment targets. We help them focus on their core competence while we focus on the deliveries for them.

Crowdsourcing Logistics is the Future of Transportation

Through crowdsourcing logistics, we have discovered that not only can businesses achieve their bottom line and customer satisfaction but can also create job opportunities. We have developed an application connecting businesses to verified individuals acting as drivers for last mile and same-day delivery services. Rather than rely on large fleets to complete urgent deliveries, we create the “Uber” of delivery services for parcels and packages. Not only is this a convenient and flexible solution for business, but it also offers employment opportunities for those who need it.

The Role of Disruptive Technology for the Supply Chain

Disruptive technology has been placed on the back burner for some time; however, with a closer look at the ways it can create efficiency and cost-effective, it means significant changes for the future. To monitor and track stock, manual methods subject to the error will no longer be a necessity

As businesses search for efficient and practical means of delivering its supply chain services, it is no wonder that advanced disruptive technology is set to change the industry.

To advance your business, consider the incorporation of modern technologies. Always reckon with the features of technologies and the ways it can work to overcome challenges and facilitate successful and influential logistics and supply chain services.

What is the main technology innovation offered by Tapway?

We have described the context, the problem and how to solve all this app with this unique App. Here is the main technology advantages of using Tapway:.

  • Mobile application.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) for both e-commerce and other enterprises businesses.
  • Artificial intelligence to help us enhance productivity on the part of riders and optimize how users interact with our application.
  • Wallet system for refunds and loading money for easy transaction.
  • REST infrastructure.

How to get in contact with Tapway?

Learn more about our crowdsourcing logistics right here: Tapway Logistics.

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