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Software Sauna – Quality Code From Croatia With A Nordic twist

by Javier Nieto León
Software Sauna Quality code from Croatia

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Today we introduce you: Software Sauna is a  lean and agile software development house with a passion to craft clean code from Croatia with a Nordic twist.

Introduction of Software Sauna.

Software Sauna offers agile software craftsmanship services. We are founded by two Finnish friends who wanted to create something to meet the needs of modern software development. Software Sauna combines the Nordic business culture with the expertise of top notch Croatian developers. Our crew in Zagreb operates as a remote tech team for our clients.

What are the main challengues that Software Sauna solves?

Typically, the main challenges that our clients are facing can be divided into two categories:

  • The client needs additional support for their in-house software development team
  • The client needs an external team that is able to build them a custom product.

How do we solve these challenges?

We solve these challenges by providing full stack web and mobile development. How we compose a team for a project varies on the needs of our client, but here are three general models how we operate:

  1. Individual developers – Our client can lease talented individuals
  2. Integrated team – A dedicated team of developers integrated to our client’s team
  3. Sauna team – We provide architecture and an autonomous team for the project

Who is your target customer?

Software Sauna mainly targets small and medium sized enterprises on the Nordic market. However, we welcome challenges from all parts of the world.

To bring up a concrete example, one of our clients from Finland is Analyste, a company that provides products for cash and treasury management. The purpose of this project was to transform the interface of the product into a new one, and at the same time improve the functionality of the product. In addition to completing the main purpose of the project, Software Sauna also transferred knowledge to the Analyste in-house team.

We deliver solutions in a variety of business domains, and we have no specific domain focus. At the time of publishing this article, Software Sauna has worked in:

  1. Banking
  2. Health tech
  3. Retail
  4. HR & Recruitment
  5. Specialised hardware configuration

Regarding our clients’ organisation types, we have worked with:

  1. Companies with a software product – We help developing and upgrading an existing product
  2. Software development agencies – We offer support for our fellow software developers
  3. Startups with early stage projects – We help our clients build a product from scratch

What is the main technology innovation offered by Software Sauna?

We offer tailor-made solutions for our clients’ software development project. This means that we choose the technologies that will be used together with our client, depending on the challenge we want to solve.

These are some technologies that we can utilise:

Java, Python, .NET, C#, Kotlin, JavaScript, React, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Electron, Android, iOS. We also have extensive knowledge in AWS.

How to get in contact with Software Sauna?

Are you interested to know the founder story of Software Sauna? You can find on the following link:

You can contact Software Sauna at their website www.softwaresauna.com

By telephone and e-mail:

+385 95 361 5202, hello@softwaresauna.com

Or by its Social Networks:

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Javier Nieto León

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