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LORIOT The Global LoRaWAN Network Server Provider 2020

by Javier Nieto León
LORIOT The Global LoRaWAN Network Server Provider

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I interviewed to Julian Studer Co-Founder & CFO/COO at  LORIOT (LoRaWAN Network Server Provider). A European leading Global IoT company.

LORIOT The Global LoRaWAN Network Server Provider 2020

Brief introduction about LORIOT.

LORIOT was born from the intuition of Vit Prajzler and Julian Studer. Vit is a former IBM researcher involved in the development of the LoRaWAN protocol. He immediately understood the potential of the technology to accelerate the adoption and expansion of the Internet of Things. True to his prediction, in recent years, this long-range, low-power technology has contributed significantly to the growth of IoT use cases in production.

Vit Prajzler and co-founder Julian Studer are convinced IoT will successfully tackle some of the major global challenges, and after an in-deep analysis of the market, and leveraging their complementary backgrounds, they established LORIOT in December 2015 with the vision of a future where the IoT is accessible to everyone and transforms society and people’s lives for the better, improving not just processes and services but also the health of our planet and humankind.

As one of the first movers in the market, the company has experienced an impressive growth since the very beginning positioning itself as a global player in the IoT landscape. Today it runs a large public infrastructure (the largest LoRaWAN public infrastructure worldwide), operates in over 140 countries and recently it has been awarded as one of the best 10 European tech scaleups by EIT Digital.

What are the main problems solved by LORIOT?

There is a huge hype around the buzzword “Internet of Things” and it’s true that the IoT is disrupting every industry sector, including manufacturing, supply chain management, health and wellness, logistics, agriculture, and urban services, to name a few. However, even though the term dates back to 1999, it’s only in recent years that it has been possible to observe a real increase in IoT use cases.

In fact, in the beginning, the main barriers to deployment in IoT were the high setup costs, maintenance fees, architectural complexity, and high device energy consumption which forced the continuous requirement to replace empty batteries or install disruptive electrical wiring. All these factors resulted in a dramatic reduction of possible use cases and poor scalability.

Low Power Long Range transmission technologies have made IoT cheaper, faster and highly scalable due to characteristics such as low power consumption, high capacity, long-range coverage and deep signal penetration, extremely simple network “star of stars” topology and low hardware costs.  Deployment is now easier and more economically viable, with a single gateway covering a range of up to 50 Km and battery-powered sensor devices sending data for up to 10 years.

Gateways and sensors are low complexity, low maintenance and cheap to operate in the long-term.

The complex task to provide secure and effective communication between the sensor and end application is carried out by the Network Server which is the  mandatory element in the architecture. LoRaWAN devices and gateway require a network server to manage LoRaWAN specific mechanisms and requirements.

Typically, not even established tech companies and IoT solution providers have the know-how needed to develop their own Network Server which ensures high performance and maintaining low costs, effort and time-to-market. This requirement has resulted in the high market demand for our solution.

How do you do this?

The LORIOT Network Server aims to provide enterprise-grade connectivity which is available to everyone. With our solution companies from a small business to a large enterprise can efficiently operate and maintain their own IoT network. It removes the complexity of an IoT use case so the client can focus on deploying solutions with genuine business value.

Our Network Server represents the middle link between objects and applications, its main tasks are:

  • Connection Management including radio configuration, regulation of the traffic, avoiding message collision and handling duplicates
  • Data Sorting and Storage
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Account Management and Messages Control (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting)

Our technology, together with our global infrastructure, has been designed to ensure high performance, flexibility and interoperability and provides valuable benefits to our users and customers.

Who is your target customer?

The LORIOT Network Server is an extremely flexible solution and, together with a multi-faceted business model, is able to address a wide variety of customer needs.

We address four main customer segments:

  • Our free user accounts, growing on a daily basis, contribute to building and expanding our roaming network, making LORIOT a global LoRaWAN operator.
  • Small IoT solution providers, offering complete end-to-end solutions who need to scale up without a large initial investment.
  • Large enterprises, blue-chip companies and system integrators, utility companies and telcos, operating large scale network deployments or resellers of our solution in their regional market.
  • City governments and municipalities who wish to embark on a path of digital transformation and the innovation of urban services. This last segment is the one that is growing the most lately.

What is the main technology innovation offered by LORIOT?

The LORIOT Network Server is one of the most advanced and feature-rich products in the market. It provides a secure, reliable and scalable solution to operate long range IoT networks through a global infrastructure. It is built for the LoRaWAN protocol and it is the middle link between connected objects and IoT applications, making the communication between them possible and secure. Its main advantages of our solution are:

  • High network performance
  • Bank-grade security
  • Hight compatibility with all LoRaWAN hardware
  • Multiple output format integrated
  • Easy to configure and great UX

Going deeper into the technical aspects of the solution, it is worth mentioning a few details on some fundamental aspects and features:


IoT security at every stage of product life-cycle. Enhanced, resilient end-to-end encrypted bidirectional data and device protection. LoRaWAN AES 128 encryption combined with high-grade TLSv 1.2 communication. We build battletested security into the network server to safeguard IoT data and assets.


Server architecture designed to grow with the network. From local deployments to national coverage our network infrastructure and server distribution provide robust, availability of all data. Added redundancy, high-availability and minimal maintenance ensure the handling of thousands of gateways and millions of devices. One of our servers can handle up to 100 million  sensors.


Flexible, access to data, our network applications integrate with virtually any IoT application. We enable easy interoperability with IoT platforms, user and billing systems or controls like device provision at the end application. Standard APIs like MQTT, HTTPs and WebSocket are supported, and fully backend integrated platforms such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT, IBM Bluemix are available among others.


The complete network infrastructure and software for the easy management of an IoT network. Our user-friendly web browser interfaces remove the complexity of scaling, managing devices and processing data so that our customers can focus on building the network. User management, roles and multi-tenancy streamline the server for efficient network and user organisation.


The network server infrastructure offers wide-ranging operator systems for effective IoT network deployments. Monitoring, logs, alerts, and powerful tools such as remote gateway management and multiple application outputs provide data regulation and valuable status information – filtering and search tools to rapidly analyse a network and find anomalies.


In the cloud or on-premise, managed or unmanaged, our network server deployment is highly adaptable and designed to give complete freedom to our customers. When security and control are critical, our flexible network server deployments offer complete independence to manage your data and network. Running in your data stack or the cloud we can handover full control and are always ready to support.

How to get in contact with Loriot?

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By Loriot’s website:

Let me suggest our readers visit our recently completely redesigned website (https://loriot.io) where they will find more details about the technology.

By e-mail:

However, if you want to get in contact with us directly please, send an email to info@loriot.io.

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