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DataSN: A Data Scraping Web For The Big Data 2020

by Javier Nieto León
DataSN: A Data Scraping Web For Big Data
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The use of a data scraping web for the current big data of the webs is becoming very popular. Thus, we decided to introduce you to DataSN – A-Data Scraping web on a mission to help entrepreneurs and companies to get data accessed in the easiest way possible.

DataSN: A Data Scraping Web For The Big Data

Founder’s Introduction of DataSN.

My name is Yang Yang, 34, and I’m a programmer and entrepreneur in China. I have a Computer Science degree and an Economics degree from one of China’s top engineering universities Xi’an Jiaotong University and started out as a software developer in 2008, founding my own business in 2010 and providing my clients software products ever since.

Technology introduction of DataSN

DataSN, Data Source Network, is trying to collect all data of the Internet and release them format-free to fellow Internet citizens in an extremely affordable manner, so everyone has access to the data of the entire Internet.

The data is incrementally updated as our crawlers score the web as we speak, in real-time. You can access the data via API, or you can download a particular snapshot of any data set. We will eventually get the entire Internet and get the data on ALL websites. So what happens on the Internet is programmatically accessible to your software or infrastructure in real-time. There are not texts nor just natural languages but actual data objects.

What is your vision?

We will eventually get the entire Internet and get the data on ALL websites. So what happens on the Internet is programmatically accessible to your software or infrastructure in real-time. Not texts nor just natural languages, but with all data objects. You can see on the following photo our back-end infrastructure.

DataSN: A Data Scraping Web For Big Data

The problems solved by DataSN: A Data Scraping web for the Big Data.

You should consider thinking about DataSN as Google. Google understands the web page and analyzes it to be semantic data objects; and Archive.org of data.

Data is held hostage in many big corporations and entrenched companies. We are on a mission to get data accessible from the Internet Big Data to the hands of everyone, in an extremely affordable manner. You can see our price list: https://datasn.io/p/407)

Is it legal the use of Data Scraping web?

In the past years, it existed a debate about the use of this kind of tool. However, it is completely legal used in a legal manner. In 2019, there was a famous court process with Linkedin. The courts  said “: It’s not illegal to scrape data from public websites without any prior approval.

However, it is important to remark that there are some limitations about the commercial use of web scraping data.

Could you tell us some real use cases of your current customers?

Now that we have clear the introduction and the legal use of this type of tool, we will get to some real cases of our customers.

You can see some example of data sets in the following links:

  • Car Parts: https://datasn.io/p/245
  • US Doctors: https://datasn.io/p/1850
  • Books: https://datasn.io/p/357

Our customers can get data on any website without “spending an arm and a leg on hiring developers or on developing scrapers.” That means safe money, time, and in just a few clicks, you can get the data scrapped. One of the most important uses of data scraping web tools is in the healthcare sector. Here are some of the most important cases.

Use Case 1: Customers requesting Data Scraping Web solution for the Internet Big Data.

Some clients asked us for help in obtaining some of the data on the Internet, so we provided this by filling their requirements along. More and more are coming seeking this type of data services. It’s becoming obvious that data is the bottleneck and a pain point of modern businesses after going through the ages of computing (cloud), telecommunicating & networking, and software. Universally accessible data that’s near-real-time and format-neutral now seems to be the last missing puzzle.

Use Case 2: Data Scraping Web for generating reviews

Some of our clients use real customer reviews to generate fake ones. or use them to create a review reviewer to decide if a review is actually written by a real human being or a bot.

Use Case 3: Train machines to recognize skin diseases.

For example, the skin images data sets: https://datasn.io/p/528 which can be used to train machines to recognize skin diseases.

Use Case 4: Data Scraping Web for monitoring changes at a specific industry.

One of our clients monitor businesses & industry changes in a particular country for economic analysis.

How to get in contact with DataSN ?

By its website and email:

All key updates are reflected on our website https://datasn.io/ and you are welcome to get in touch with our team at hi@datasn.io

By its Social Networks:

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