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Shirv ComMedia IT Software Development Solution Provider

by Javier Nieto León
Shirv ComMedia IT Software Development Solution Provider
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I interviewed Atul Kumar, CEO at Shirv ComMedia Solutions.

Brief introduction about Shirv ComMedia Solutions.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 quality certified software Development Company with over 15 years of experience in building Software and Mobile Applications. To be a software service provider that offers high quality service at affordable prices.

To improve our services we try to incorporate new technologies and innovative ideas into the projects. SCMS concentrates on designing, development, and implementation of modern Customized software solutions, Web solutions, Embedded solutions, Multimedia solutions, Mobile applications, CMS, and ERP solutions.

What are the main problems solved by Shirv ComMedia Solutions?

There are many complicated task solved and handled by SCMS, like:

Mercon ERP.

We have just fetched a big Manufacturing ERP Project for one of the leading Steel Industry in Netherlands. We were at the client location for 45 days.

Huawei Board integration.

Worked on Huawei Board for 4K smart IP Camera with ARM Processor

Dawi Oil.

We have developed a complete online Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The software covers all the processes from finance, inventory, sale and purchase, payroll, mileage review, order tracking, to reports, and more.


We have developed a web based application for university management which has various institutions linked to it. It covers every minute aspects of a universities work flow and integrates all processes like student registration, academic records, assessments, results, reports and much more with a user friendly interface.

Task Aviator.

We have designed and developed TASK AVIATOR™ is intelligently crafted project management software.TASK AVIATOR™ is brainchild of SCMS which is developed to bring an end to all project management woes, no more messy inboxes or wondering who is in charge of what. It makes tracking progress, organizing deadlines, overseeing milestones, assigning tasks, and keeping tabs on the overall workflow, smoother and more managed than ever.

HVAC Machine And Sensor Data(MT Processor).

Apart from this we worked on a complicated Big data project – It was Analyze HVAC Machine And Sensor Data(MT Processor) And the task was refine and analyze data from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to maintain optimal office building temperatures and minimize expenses.

Who is your target customer?

We target to coustomer by industries like Manufacturing, Healthcare, Constructions, Mining, Agriculture, Education, Telecommunications, Retail, Food, Machine, Biotechnology, Renewable Energy, Research and many more.
What is the main technology innovation offered by Shirv ComMedia Solutions? (Technical point of view)?
As we have experienced team of Software development services where we cover approx all industries that i mentioned above.

If we talk about main technology offer by SCMS, then we can say IoT Research and Embedded Programming, where our engineers design and implement software of embedded devices and systems. The projects of embedded system solutions include:

  • Designing software and its architecture.
  • Developing user interface for embedded solutions service .
  • Embedding hardware drivers to devices .
  • Optimizing the performance of hardware devices.
  • Third party embedded solution integration development

How to get in contact with Shirv ComMedia Solutions?

You can touch with us via Email, Skype, WhatsApp and Direct call. I mentioned these details below-
E-Mail – atul@commediait.com
Skype Id – atul_1972in
91-9811298550 (Cell)
Visit us at  https://www.commediait.com/

You can reach also via social media:

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/shrivcommedia
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shrivcommediait

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Javier Nieto León

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