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17+ Best Tech Companies Boston

by Javier Nieto León
Best Tech Companies Boston

17+ Best Tech Companies Boston

There are several cities where various top-rated tech enterprises are located.  However, keep in mind that Boston is at the top of the list due to its higher level of technological innovation.  Do you want to know which companies are the top tech companies Boston based? So, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of companies and the type of industry and websites.


Vestmark is a premier supplier of financial advisory solutions and services, allowing financial advisers and institutions to manage and trade their customers’ portfolios more efficiently through an innovative SaaS environment.  Passionate, ambitious, and dedicated professionals are at the heart of our success.  Inc. Dynamic workplace culture encourages individual development, team cooperation, and employee wellness.

Cohere Health

Cohere Health streamlines healthcare by allowing patients, clinicians, and health plans to work together to get the appropriate care at the right time, place, and price.  Cohere Health reviews show it promotes collaborative utilization management (UM) by aligning doctors and healthcare plans on scientific proof treatment pathways throughout the patient’s care journey.  By including these treatment pathways into the prior authorization application process.


Klaviyo is another one of the top tech companies Boston-based email automation software startup that offers an eCommerce marketing software platform.  Klaviyo is a company that creates an email and SMS communication platform that uses data to improve corporate operations.  Klaviyo provides robust SMS marketing software for discounts and promotions, VIP open beta updates, and welcoming and thanking consumers.


CarGurus is a successful automobile shopping website in the United States.  It can help you find old and new automobiles, automotive research valuations, and advertise your vehicle for sale.  CarGurus Boston has become the most frequented automotive shopping site in the United States in just over a decade, with more automobile ads than any other central online automotive marketplace.  CarGurus also has locations in Canada and the United Kingdom.


Act Blue is an American independent technology firm founded in June 2004 that provides online fundraising tools to left-leaning NGOs, Democratic senators, and progressive organizations to raise money from individual donations on the Internet.  ActBlue customer service creates technology and infrastructure for Liberal campaigns, progressive groups, and individuals striving to create a better future.

Capital One

Capital One is a direct bank that provides banking facilities such as debit cards, savings accounts, and investment securities.  It is also one of the country’s major bank auto loan providers, with $48 billion in existing car loans as of December 2016.  Capital One secured a credit card and is permanently altering banking.  We were created on the conviction that no one should be excluded from the financial system.


Rapid7 is a developer of security analytics and reporting tools that enable enterprises to take an active role in cyber security. Rapid7, Inc. provides cyber security solutions and provides the best services; hence, it’s well known as one of the top tech companies Boston based. Consumers can use the company’s cloud-native insight platform to build and administer analytics-driven cyber security risk management programs. Its platform includes InsightIDR, an event detection and response system, as well as a variety of other services.


Genevieve Thiers, a student, and babysitter, founded Sittercity in Boston in 2001. Sittercity was a Boston-only childcare service that featured local babysitters and nannies when it first began. Bright Horizons firm Sittercity in Boston and all over the world is a digital platform that is reimagining the child care sector.


Nuance Communications, Inc., located in Burlington, Massachusetts, is an American multinational software package tech company that sells speech recognition & artificially intelligent software.  Nuance Communications Company provides systems that recognize, analyze, and respond to human language, enhancing human intelligence.


Axon Enterprise is a provider of public safety technologies.  The company provides solutions for police enforcement, military, and self-defense.  Axon enterprise is the world’s leading provider of linked public safety systems.  We advocate for protecting life, the truth, transparency, and accountability.


MORSE is a carefully chosen team of researchers, technologists, and software developers in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Students use technology ranging from artificial intelligence to car navigation systems.  MORSE crop glass door enables clients to make better decisions faster, ensure their safety while defending our national security, and do other things.


A skyhook is an “anchor” used only to raise a component on a long rope suspended from the sky with no visible support.  Skyhook company expands its flagship Precision Location solution to offer hybrid position services intelligently leveraging and blending Wi-Fi, cell, IP Address, and GPS receivers to provide exact position in any signal environment.


Formlabs is a developer and manufacturer of 3D printing technology and is among the top tech companies Boston. Three MIT Media Lab students launched the Somerville, Massachusetts-based firm in September 2011.  The Formlabs digital company creates and sells 3D printers and application components, and consumables.  It is most known for successfully raising nearly $3 million through a Kickstarter campaign.


Prima Medicine is a biotechnology company founded to fulfil the promise of Prime Correction, a versatile genomic method that can actually seek and replace to restore normal genetic mutations and treat disease-causing factors. Prime Editing searches the genome for the exact area to edit and replaces the incorrect DNA segment with such a correct copy of DNA.


Savvy, a fintech startup exploring the future of digital and remote collaboration in housing finance, officially opened its new headquarters today at 101 Federal Street in Boston’s Financial District.  The new facility is meant to collaborate with and house Savvy’s customers and fast-growing staff, which has recently surpassed the 100-person mark.


The fairmarkit helps businesses to obtain the goods and services they require. We encourage market competition by leveraging data and automation to achieve significant results. FairMarkIt, Inc. is a software company that was founded in 2017.  The company provides a platform for processing and managing client data.


PEGA is a renowned Business Process Management (BPM) tool built on Java ideas that enable users to aim at upgrading than Java-based applications.  PEGA is mainly used to cut expenses and enhance strategic reasons.  PEGA is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based technology company.  Pega systems, was founded in 1983, creates systems for customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM).

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